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Cable and Anchor Load Calculator
Enter the Barrier Length, Depth, Anchor Spacing and Current Velocity in the boxes shown and Click the Solve button. The Cable and Anchor Loads will be shown along with the Sag and the Angle Theta. To obtain new results, simply change the values in any of the four required boxes and click the Solve button. In most cases the Barrier Length, Depth and the Current Velocity will be constants leaving only the Anchor Spacing to be varied. However, you are encouraged to try various combinations in order to achieve the desired results. Remember the cable load for standard Type 2.DOT or Type 3.DOT Barriers must not exceed 1960 pounds.

IMPORTANT: The load calculations shown here apply only to, and are valid only for Tough Guy Floating Turbidity Barriers. The application of this data to any other product will produce unpredictable results which cannot be substantiated by Aer-Flo, Inc. The use of the data shown here is at the discretion of the user and Aer-Flo, Inc. does not warrant the accuracy or suitability of the data in any way.

  Enter the Barrier Section Length(ft)  
  Enter the Anchor Spacing(ft)  
  Enter the Barrier Depth(ft)  
  Enter the Current Velocity(ft/sec)  
  Find Loads  

Cable Load  Anchor Load 
Sag  Angle Theta