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STAKED BARRIERS are continuous panels of impervious vinyl-polyester fabric that, installed correctly, can contain stormwater runoff or re-direct it to proper channels or retention areas.  On-land installation is similar to that of silt fence, with 8 inches below grade and 36 inches above grade attached to stakes.  Staked Barriers can also be installed in up to 18 inches of water.

The fabric curtain has a heat sealed hem along the top edge and is approximately 44 inches wide. A narrow trench 8 inches deep is dug along the perimeter line and stakes are driven every 6 feet along the down slope side of the trench. The upper portion of the barrier is attached to the stakes with staples, wires or nylon ties, keeping the top of the barrier 36 inches above grade. The lower edge of the curtain is placed in the trench which is then backfilled.  This system works best in porous soils on moderately sloped sites.  The stakes may be wood or metal including re-bar.  Aer-Flo Canvas Products Inc. does not supply the stakes. The stakes must be furnished by others.  Standard Color:  Tough Guy Yellow.